Friday, February 8, 2013

Best Week Ever!

Y'all. In three days I went from unknown to secured job and housing. This is the fun of travel nursing.... Of course, it's always more fun when the process is over and you can think about the exciting places to visit.

But I would be foolish not to direct all of this back to God.  It's always my desire to go where He wants me. And I want it to be in His timing, but that doesn't stop me from asking. I kid you not that I prayed as I laid in bed on Sunday and when I woke on Monday for this to be taken care of that day. I wanted to be able to rest in the plan and not be stressed. And hours later plans were in motion. Plans that I had thought were a closed door.

God doesn't always work like that where I ask for it to be done that day and it is, but here's what I've been seeing in my life over the last year of travel: When I earnestly seek Him and offer myself to whatever he wants, he answers. It may not always be what I expect or want or in the timing I'd prefer, but he makes himself known. It's given me such a peace to know that He's listening. Sure, I've been told since I was a child that God listens and answers prayers. But I'm a planner and I like control and I'm a knucklehead. It's taken being in places where I don't have control to be able to see the full beauty of what He does. The most powerful moments where I've seen prayers answered are when it's by nothing that I've done other than to ask. Let me repeat that. The most powerful moments where I've seen prayers answered are when it's by nothing that I've done other than to ask.  In those moments when I'm earnestly seeking his will and presenting myself as a willing servant that He makes himself known.

So often I have wondered where God was or why he wasn't answering prayers. What I've come to see is that in those prayers I've been praying for my way and what I want. I've been selfishly asking as if God owes me anything. And then I can't figure out why he's silent or why it's not happening. Because let's be honest, I'm not really looking to do what's best or right, I'm looking to God like a vending machine or magic genie. He's neither of those and so he wisely ignores my pleas for what would be terrible decisions. However, when I present myself humbly with the desire to see Him and his will for my life, he answers. He wants to be known. God doesn't hide. That's what I'm most thankful about regarding travel nursing. It has put me in a position where I can't control everything and I have to trust that God will be faithful, as he has promised. And he has. Repeatedly. This season has led me to a place where I must go before the Lord, face down and humbled.

You guys. Every single time He has not only taken care of me, but he has far exceeded what I could have ever guessed He had planned for my life.

It's humbling and I'm so incredibly thankful that He's in control. I would have missed out on so many great things if life had gone according to my expectations.

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