Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thanks, Beth

Do y'all have people in your life that have such a strong impact even though, well, they're not really in your life? There are so many variations on that concept, some positive and some sad. But what I'm talking about is a person that speaks truth and encouragement even if it's just across Twitter or live Bible studies. Beth Moore is that person for me. Over the last couple of years, the Lord has used her to bring good information to my ears.

Anyway, at the start of the year she had an invitation to join her in memorizing two verses each month. When I read the invitation on Twitter, I just instantly loved the idea of women across the world purposefully committing to place Scripture in their hearts and minds. So, I jumped at the chance to sign up. I thought it would be good, but here is what I am realizing:

God is not joking around. He is very clearly, very purposefully leading me through this experience.

I didn't even realize it at first. I thought the verses that I chose would be good to help my stubborn, strong-willed, sinful self remember to seek the Lord's will for my life. Here's what has actually happened:

The verses have come at times I clearly needed them. In moments I never could have anticipated, those verses have become my prayers. Yes, for the more obvious desire for God's plan to be clear to me. But my second verse did not really strike me until a month after choosing it. In fact, after I chose it, I wondered why. It didn't seem to fit where I was in my life. And, yet, God knew what was coming. He knew the moment I'd be in my bed needing to prayer those words over and over, soaking up strength from the promise in those words.

Now, five verses in, I can so clearly see where the Lord is gently leading me. He knows the skittish feelings in my heart.... the trepidation that makes it hard. He knows how to lead me and He gently does so. Not in anger or rules or rushing, but patiently and with endless love. I know what's coming and I know what He's doing. I can see it. And I'm humbled that He loves me so much that He wants the best for me, but more so, that he knows me so intimately that he knows how to best address me. It makes it so much better to see that it's His plan for things to change, not just me playing control freak like I want to do. It actually gives me peace and relief to know that it's not up to me to do it, but that God has it mapped out and under control. It takes away the fear of failure.

I'm so thankful that God used Beth to get me started on this path.   

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  1. Love this and you! I'm starting to memorize the book of James because of dear Beth. :)