Friday, December 28, 2012

Almost Perfect

Greetings from Northern California!

Please forgive my lapse in posts and let me cover a few bases. Happy Thanksgiving! Merry Christmas! I'm moving to Northern California for my next assignment!

Okay, so it's been about 20 days and here's what I've discovered:

1. The scenery is more my style up here. It's more lush, green, and inviting. Every time I drive home from work, I feel like I'm driving in a picture. When I'm driving to work, I feel nothing because it's dark out and all I can see are the tail lights of other cars.

2. It is insane what people pay for housing. And the cost of living is higher here. For real. I miss the Midwest prices. Because let's be honest: I don't get paid what the unionized CA nurses do, so I'm not living the posh lifestyle they can afford. I don't even want to tell you hourly wages I've heard because it'll make those of you back home weep.

3. I've signed up for quilting classes and a cooking class. I'll be learning how to make French pastries soon. Practical? No, but I'm hoping it will help to rekindle my love of cooking.

4. I have an actual stove/ oven in this apartment!!! No microwave, but at least my oven doesn't look like an Easy Bake.

5. I have yet to fully unpack. That goes completely against my organizational nature, which means travel is changing me. I'm used to living on less and I don't really want to unpack and repack. So if I need it, it'll come out. If not, it'll probably be sent home or donated. This is actually a pretty great discovery.

6. I'm a terrible plant parent. I bought a mini living Christmas tree (which I never decorated with the accompanying decorations) and neglected to water it. Seriously. I've watered it twice. The day I bought it and about a week ago. I should not be allowed anything other than fresh cut flowers which are expected to die. And even though mentioning this should make me water it, I won't. I have no emotional attachment to plants apparently.

7. This is the first time in 9 years that I've not had a washer/dryer in my home. A little annoying, sure, but it's certainly not the end of the world. Of course, my apartment is right across from the complex facilities. If I were farther away I'd probably be grumpier about it.... or when the times comes when I can't get in and wash my stuff when I want to. However, I will remind myself in those times that at least I have clothes to wash, a place to do it, and money to pay for it. I'm way too fortunate to allow an inconvenience to get me down.

8. Even though I've been away for 10 months now, I still miss you all so very much. I think about home often, long for it nearly daily, and wish I could be inviting you all over for dinner and games. I'm enjoying this season of life and I appreciate the opportunities and perspectives it is allowing me, but that doesn't mean my heart isn't with you all back in Missouri. We have it really good there and I see that clearer than ever now that I'm away. Besides, there are Andy's back there. I miss frozen custard.

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  1. good to hear how things are going, amy, and that i'm not the only one with no washer/dryer in house! How do you like the hospital there? and the staff? are you becoming one with them? :)