Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Let's Talk Seattle

Y'all I've been in Seattle for two months and haven't blogged a thing. And at this point I don't know how to recap without this being insanely long, so let's just bullet point this business, shall we?

  • Stalena came out with me. It was her Spring Break and it meant so much not only to have time with one of my BFFs, but to also share this experience with someone so dear to me. I have some great moments as a traveler, but I often find myself wishing someone was here to share the experience. 
  • Chelsea was our tour guide and took us to Pike Place Market, Space Needle, Gum Wall, Top Pot (beloved donuts of Seattle), and the first Starbucks. We had a fun day with laughter and yummy food. 
  • The NICU has a single room setup. Each baby (with the exception of new admissions) is in their own room. It's my first time with this arrangement. Overall, I like it. 
  • The nurses have been nice and I've enjoyed my time there. I've loved on some babies that have stolen my heart. And, apparently, they like me too because they've asked me to stay a bit longer. I'll now be in Seattle until July. I'm excited not only because I like the hospital, but because it means I'll be able to see some of my favorite babies graduate.
  • The scenery of this area feeds my soul. The trees, the mountains.... I'm often speechless at the beauty. I love it. I also love the various neighborhoods that make up and surround Seattle. If it weren't so far from the people I adore, I'd seriously consider calling this place home for a while. 
  • The tulip festival in April was stunning. Stunning. As in I have waaaay too many pictures to share. My heart was full, my cameras were used, and I loved every minute. 
  • I've heard that the Pacific Northwest isn't super into church/ God, but I think God is here. In fact, I feel like God has used this place to bring together things that He's been stirring in my heart. So whether they want him or not, he's here and alive. 
Okay, so there are some photos to peruse should you choose, but it'll make this whole shenanigan longer. Browse at your own risk.

  • Miniature Donkeys... I giggled like a child for quite a while after seeing them.

    These girls are always up for fun.

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